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Fire Watch

1. Each watchman employed for fire watch service in a facility shall have knowledge of and be capable of performing the following functions:

  • Recognizing an emergency situation;
  • Transmitting an emergency message to the appropriate authority or emergency communications centre;
  • Operating equipment required for fire control and emergency warning;
  • Transmitting an emergency warning to facility occupants;
  • Maintaining orderly control of emergency evacuation procedures.

2. No other duties shall interfere with a watchman’s fire watch duties.

3. A sufficient number of watchman shall be employed to make at least one complete patrol of the facility to be protected every 15 minutes of the fire watch required.  Patrols shall be recorded and made available upon request by a Fire Safety Codes Officer.

4. Each watchman shall be provided with a means of communication with the emergency communications centre both within and outside of the facility required to be protected.  (Cellular phone is acceptable)

5. Each watchman shall be advised of:

  • Route to be followed during patrol;
  • Details to be observed during the patrol;
  • Observations that require notification of emergency personnel
  • Emergency notification instructions; and
  • Fire safety plan emergency procedures relevant to the area(s) for which fire watch has been assigned.

6.The first patrol of each shift of watchman fire watch shall commence within 15 minutes of the beginning of the shift and shall include the following:

  • Ensure that access to and from the building is unobstructed;
  • Ensure that all combustible waste has been removed from the building or is stored in property containers with lids;
  • Ensure that all fire protection equipment is in place (as shown on fire safety plan drawings) and accessible for use;
  • Ensure that aisles providing access to exit are unobstructed;
  • Turn off all non-required appliances and machinery;
  • Ensure that smoking material containers have been appropriately emptied and disposed of in closed metal containers;
  • Ensure that all service appliances used for heating, ventilating and air conditioning are operating properly;
  • Monitor all special hazards that are operating (i.e. special heaters, fueled appliances, etc.); and
  • Monitor all special storage areas containing hazardous materials such as flammable/combustible materials, compressed gases and combustible waste.

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