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Fireworks Bylaw No. 19/015
Fireworks Permit
Special Events Permit
Fireworks Safety Tips

No Person shall discharge, fire or set off fireworks within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo without first obtaining a Fireworks Permit.

Low Hazard Consumer Fireworks

Setting off fireworks within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is restricted by ‎Fireworks Bylaw No. 19/015. For more information on fireworks safety and how to apply for a fireworks discharge permit, please contact the Fire Prevention Branch.

High Hazard Display Fireworks

Note: High hazard fireworks permits will require a minimum of 14 days for processing.

All firework displays on public land within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo require the submission and approval of the Fireworks Permit.  through the Fire Prevention Branch, proof of insurance through Facility Booking, and approval of a Special Events Permit. There are two types of fireworks: "Consumer," which are the type residents and the general public will use and “Display,” which are the type only licensed professionals may use. The following conditions must be adhered to when storing, transporting and discharging fireworks. Section 5.1 of the National Fire Code – 2019 Alberta Edition and Fireworks Bylaw No. 19/015 regulate the handling and discharge of display fireworks, and in most cases, use on private lands within the Urban Service Area is restricted.

Display Guidelines

The following information will be required on all applications for high hazard fireworks display. Failure to complete the form or to supply all required information will result in the permit application being rejected. Any public display of high hazard fireworks will require a written plan to be submitted at least 14 days prior to the event. This plan must include:

  • Name of group holding event.
  • Name, phone number, and address of person or group holding the event.
  • Map showing exact location of display (this location is required to ensure adequate fallout zones exist).
  • Written permission from land owner where display will take place.
  • Full name, date of birth, qualifications and a log of the responsible applicant or technician’s experience. (A legible copy of NRC certificate is required, including expiry date.) Company name and address also required.
  • Manifest of fireworks being used in display.
  • Manner in which fireworks are to be stored prior to display.
  • Copy of third party certificate of insurance.
  • $120 fee will be invoiced at time of permit issuance.

Contact Us:

For more information, please contact the Fire Prevention Branch at 780-792-5519 or e-mail us to Ask a Question.



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