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Recreational Fires and Fire Pits

Fire Pit Permit Application

Fire Pit Requirements Diagram

The following conditions apply to all permits issued for recreational fire pits in the Urban Service Area of the Municipality of Wood Buffalo.  No open fire shall be conducted without a permit.

1. Recreational fire pit fires are not to be used for the disposal of combustible waste, brush or garden refuse.

2. All fires shall be attended at all times by a person who is eighteen years of age or older.

3. A means of extinguishment shall be kept on hand for all fires (i.e. water hose, water in container, or fire extinguisher)

4. Fire pit installations shall:

  • Be constructed of non-combustible materials;
  • Have a maximum dimension of one meter;
  • Be covered by a screen with grate openings not exceeding one-half inch;
  • Be located at least two meters from combustible materials including, but not limited to, buildings, fences, patio decks, trees and bushes.
  • Be located at least three metres from property lines.
  • Be located at least 0.6 meters laterally from any underground service.  Contact Alberta One-Call at 1-800-242-3447 for free service.

5. Fire pit permits are non-transferable; new owners require a new permit when a property containing a fire pit is sold or transferred.

6. Complaints or emergency responses concerning the misuse of fire pits and recreational fires shall be investigated and permits may be temporarily cancelled or permanently revoked under the following conditions:

  • Wind conditions are excessive (15 km or greater) or create a potential health hazard for neighboring properties;
  • The fire exceeds pit or receptacle size;
  • The fire presents a hazard to occupants and nearby residents in the opinion of the fire department member conducting the investigation;
  • Fire is left unattended;
  • Fire is determined to be in care and control of a person under the age of eighteen years;
  • Fire is being used in a hazardous manner;
  • Prohibited debris as defined by the Open Air Fire Bylaw are utilized;
  • No method of fire extinguishment is at hand; or
  • Persons in control of the fire are, in the opinion of the attending fire department member, incapable of controlling the fire.

7. Fire Protection Charges as per the Open Air Fire Bylaw are applicable to emergency response and/or suppression operations resulting from the misuse of a recreational fire pit.

8. The grate for a fire pit shall be in place at all times during a fire.

9. Applications for recreational fire pit permits on property other than one's own or on municipal property where open fires are permitted in general, shall have written permission of the property owner.

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