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FireSmart Home Partners Program


The FireSmart Home Partners Program is an initiative that aims to provide property-specific FireSmart information and individual home assessment to residents living in priority areas within the Wood Buffalo Region, as identified in the 2017 RMWB Wildfire Mitigation Strategy.

The program was launched in the RMWB in 2018 and was available to residents living in the communities of Gregoire Lake Estates, Anzac and Conklin. 

For eligible residents, the program provides:

  • An in-depth, on-site home assessment conducted by a trained FireSmart Home Assessor
  • The opportunity to identify mitigation actions unique to their own homes and properties
  • A detailed report with specific mitigation actions residents can take to measurably reduce the risk of wildfire to their homes and properties

The application period for the FireSmart Home Partners Program has now closed. 

For more information on the program, please email FireSmart@rmwb.ca.

The 2018-2019 WMZone season is finished.  Stay tuned for updates in the fall.