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FireSmart Interpretive Trail


The Municipality is currently planning a FireSmart Interpretive Trail project within the Birchwood Trail System. The FireSmart Interpretive Trail is set to be created near an existing set of trails along Cornwall Drive.

The FireSmart Interpretive Trail will serve as a positive resource for the community, helping to connect residents with nature while also providing an opportunity to learn about the following topics:

  • FireSmart in the Wood Buffalo Region
  • Taking FireSmart action at home
  • Building with FireSmart in mind
  • Forest ecology 
  • Forest regeneration 

This project aligns with the 2017 RMWB Wildfire Mitigation Strategy.  

Public Engagement

The RMWB has held two engagement sessions for the FireSmart Interpretive Trail. One session during the site selection phase and one during the design and development phase of this trail project.

Engagement Session #1 – Site Location

The first engagement session took place on August 28, 2019 at Jubilee Plaza and invited residents to offer feedback on three proposed locations for the FireSmart Interpretive Trail. Following the session, a month-long online survey was available for residents to review the proposed site location package and provide additional feedback.

Three proposed sites were suggested based on environmental, geotechnical, social consideration and site servicing criteria assessed for each location. Based on the criteria and input gathered during the first engagement session and subsequent online survey, site #3 – Cornwall Drive was selected as the best option for the new trail.

Engagement Session #2 – Design Features

The second engagement session was held on October 30, 2019 at Saint Paul’s School in Thickwood. This session welcomed key community partners and residents living in proximity to the proposed trail location to provide feedback on potential design and development features they would be interested in seeing in the new trail.  Input provided in this session will help shape the design of the FireSmart Interpretive Trail.

Next Steps

This project is still in the design and development phase. We plan to return to the community for an additional engagement session in the coming months, to gather feedback and input on the design of the FireSmart Interpretive Trail. Construction is tentatively scheduled for the spring/summer of 2020.

For more information or to connect with a member of the project team, please contact PULSE at rmwb.ca/pulse or 780-743-7000. We are available to discuss the project in further detail or to meet at any time to hear your thoughts on the FireSmart Interpretive Trail. 



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