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Animal Control Services

Time to Renew Your Pet Licences

An annual pet licence can be purchased from the cashiers at the municipality's Timberlea Landing Building, 309 Powder Drive, or at the Jubilee Building, 9909 Franklin Ave.

Fees for pet licensing:

  • Altered (spayed or neutered) animal licence: $15 a year
  • Unaltered animal licence: $50 a year
  • Replacement tags: $10

Animals found with licence tags can be brought home at no cost by Animal Control. If a pet has a microchip, ensure the contact information is up to date.

Animal Control Services plays an imperative role in the licensing, regulation and control of animals within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Our Bylaw Officers are responsible for reuniting lost cats and dogs with owners, licencing cats and dogs within the municipality, enforcing all applicable laws regarding domesticated animals, investigating all citizen complaints regarding domesticated animals, helping neighbours resolve domesticated animal related issues, and providing shelter to impounded cats and dogs.



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