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Animal Control: Register Your Pets

All cats and dogs are required to be registered within the RMWB. Pet licences need to be renewed each year in April.

If you haven’t received a licence tag for your cat or dog, you can download and complete the application form above and drop off a printed version with your payment at the RMWB cashier counters, South Policing Facility, 150 MacLennan Crescent, Timberlea Landing Building, 309 Powder Drive, or the Jubilee Building, 9909 Franklin Avenue.

You can also email your completed form as an attachment to animal.licensing@rmwb.ca and drop by the cashiers to make your payment.

Fees for pet licensing are as follows:

  • Altered (spayed or neutered) animal licences are $15.00 per year.
  • Unaltered animal licences are $50.00 per year.
  • All replacement tags are $10.00.
  • Vicious Animal licenses are $250.00 per year.
  • Dangerous Dog animal licenses are $100.00. 
  • There are no fees for exotic reptiles, birds and other pets.

Please note that all applications do require proof that the cat or dog has a current rabies vaccination and proof of sterilization if declaring they are spayed or neutered. Proof can be in the form of a vaccination certificate, a signed spay or neuter certificate, a signed note from a veterinarian, or a receipt from a veterinarian.

Animals found wearing licence tags are returned home quickly and at no cost by Animal Control. If a pet has a microchip, ensure the contact information is up to date.

For any questions related to licensing pets, please call Animal Control Services at 780-762-5858.

All Winter Maintenance Zones are relaxed until further notice.