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Photo Radar

Weekly Bylaw Update

Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) is expected to be operating at the following locations. Please be advised that ATE will be used at other locations in the region as well.

  • Saprae Creek Trail
  • Gregoire Drive
  • Clearwater Drive
  • Highway 63 NB
  • Highway 63 SB


DriveSafe Intersection Safety Systems are active at the following intersections:

  • Thickwood Boulevard and Silin Forest Road 
  • Thickwood Boulevard and Woodland Drive
  • Thickwood Boulevard and Cornwall Drive
  • Thickwood Boulevard and Real Martin Drive
  • Franklin Avenue and Tamarack Village Mall
  • Franklin Avenue and Hospital Street
  • Confederation Way and Paquette Drive

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo 2019 Automated Traffic Enforcement Annual Report​

As a part of the solution to help reduce high speeds, photo radar is utilized in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Bylaw Services conduct photo radar enforcement at various locations throughout the Municipality:

Highway 63

  • Highway 63 and Beacon Hill Drive
  • Highway 63 and Centennial Campground
  • Highway 63 and Confederation Way
  • Highway 63 and Hardin Street
  • Highway 63 and Hospital Street
  • Highway 63 and King Street
  • Highway 63 and Morrison Street
  • Highway 63 and Thickwood Boulevard
  • Highway 63 at Visitor Bureau
  • Highway 63 and Taiganova Crescent
  • Saprae Creek Trail

School Zones

  • Beacon Hill School
  • Centre Boreal
  • Christina Gordon Public School (New)
  • Clearwater School
  • Dickinsfield School
  • Dr. K. A. Clark School
  • Father Beauregard School
  • Father Turcotte School
  • Good Shepherd School
  • Greely Road School
  • Sister Mary Phillips School
  • St. Anne's School
  • St. Gabriel School
  • St. Kateri Catholic School (New)
  • St. Martha School
  • St. Paul's School
  • Tamarack Way School
  • Thickwood Heights School
  • Timberlea School
  • Walter and Gladys Hill Public School (New)
  • Westview School
  • Westwood School

Thickwood Area

  • Cornwall Drive
  • Duncan Drive
  • Ross Haven Drive
  • Signal Road
  • Silin Forest Road
  • Thicket Drive
  • Timberline Drive
  • Tundra Drive

Dickinsfield/ Wood Buffalo Area

  • Dickins Drive
  • Real Martin Drive

Timberlea Area

  • Barber Drive
  • Brett Drive
  • Bulyea Avenue
  • Carteret Drive
  • Cartier Drive
  • Dominion Drive
  • Eagle Ridge Boulevard
  • Eglert Drive
  • Limestone Link
  • Loutit Road
  • Millennium Drive
  • Paquette Drive
  • Parsons Creek Drive
  • Plamondon Drive
  • Powder Drive
  • Prospect Drive
  • Rainbow Creek Drive
  • Sparrow Hawk Drive

Parsons Creek Area

  • Callen Drive (New)
  • Coventry Drive (New)
  • Heritage Drive (New)

Abasand Area

  • Abasand Drive
  • Athabasca Avenue

Beacon Hill Area

  • Beacon Hill Drive

Gregoire Area

  • Gregoire Drive

MacKenzie Park Area

  • MacAlpine Crescent
  • MacKenzie Boulevard
  • McDonald Crescent

Downtown/ Waterways Area

  • Alberta Drive
  • Centennial Drive
  • Fitzgerald Avenue
  • Franklin Avenue
  • Hardin Street
  • King Street
  • MacDonald Drive
  • Manning Avenue
  • Clearwater Drive
  • Tolen Drive

Please note: Photo radar can be found at any location in the Urban Service Area of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. All entrances to the city have permanent signage identifying that the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo uses photo enforcement. There are additional photo enforcement signs posted throughout the city.

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