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Permit & Assessment


There are three types of permits reviewed and issued by the Engineering Department.

  • Boulevard Crossing Permit
  • Clearing & Grading Permit
  • Utility Installation & Street Occupation Permit

Boulevard Crossing Permit

DownloadPermit Application


  • Residential: Required to build a new or modify an existing driveway.
  • Commercial : Required to make changes to an existing driveway
  • Regulations : Regulations for this permit are found in the above permit pdf.

Documents to attach to your application:

  • PDF of the Boulevard Crossing Permit Application
  • Plot Plan: Highlight plans for or changes you are making to your property.
  • Title of Land Ownership
  • Letter of Authorization: If you are hiring a Contractor to do the work, then a letter of authorization signed by the Property Owner is required


  • Residential: New Driveway $125, Extension to Residential Driveway $20,
  • Commercial: New Driveway $125, Extension to existing Commercial Driveway $20

Clearing & Grading Permit

Download: Permit Application


Any changes or modifications to a property including: clearing of land, changes to existing grading, may be Commercial, Residential or Industrial


Some combination of the reports listed below will be required before your Clearing and Grading Permit can be approved. Please contact the Engineering Dept for assistance with requirements at engineering.permits@rmwb.ca

  • PDF of the Clearing & Crossing Permit Application
  • Site Plan
  • Grading Plan (new and existing)
  • Traffic Accommodation Plan
  • Abandoned Well Map
  • May require Biophysical Report, Geotechnical Report, Environmental Site Assessment, Dept of Fisheries and Oceans, Alberta Environment, Deep Fill Report, Erosion and Sedimentation Report
  • Truck Haul Permit
  • Construction Schedule
  • Development Permit


Utility Installation & Street Occupation Permit

Download: Permit Application


This permit is required anytime you occupy or block access to Municipal Land. Impacting pedestrian or traffic

Documents to attach your application

  • Application
  • Worksite Map
  • Traffic Accommodation Plan

If you would like to apply for these permits, you can apply online by emailing engineering.permits@rmwb.ca.

Payments can made for your permit by visiting the RMWB cashiers located on the 1st floor Timberlea Landing and the 1st floor of Jubilee Plaza


  1. On-Street Parking Safety Assessments
  2. Noise Assessments (example of service here)
  3. Drainage Assessments

If you would like information or would like to submit an inquiry to start an assessment process, please contact the RMWB Pulse Line at 780-743-7000 or www.rmwb.ca/pulse.

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