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Thickwood Perimeter Sewer

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Thickwood Permiter Sewer Project MapThickwood Perimeter Sewer

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In the spring of 2018, the Municipality began a multi-year construction project to replace the sanitary, storm and water system infrastructure in a large part of Thickwood, south of Thickwood Blvd. 

This project is part of regular infrastructure planning as this system is reaching the end of its lifecycle. The Municipality will be upsizing storm and sewer lines to accommodate stricter design standards and larger water volumes. 

Highlights of the Project

  • Seven individual phases
  • Commencing with Phase 2 in the 2018 Construction Season
  • Projected timeline to finish in 2023
  • Multi-staged plan for minimal impacts to residents
  • No interruption of water service anticipated
  • All construction is anticipated to take place on Municipally-owned property

Highlights of Phases 1 and 2

Phase 1 – Runs from the top of Thickwood hill down to the river bank. Minimal impacts to residents are anticipated. Only potential impact to residents could be along the Silin Forest Trail.  Accommodation will be made to ensure residents can still access the trail area safely. 

Phase 2 – Rehabilitation of Thicket Dr. from intersection at Silin Forest to Rosslyn St.  Construction crews will execute work in a staged plan to minimalize impact.

During Phase 2, some impacts to residents are anticipated along Thicket Dr. in the immediate area of construction activity. Temporary parking, detours and traffic accommodation will be provided to minimize impacts to residents and traffic flow. Please see the construction map for updates and construction notices.

Water Service

Residents should not see any impacts to their water supply.  Any residences that are temporarily impacted will be notified and provided with a water supply.

Construction projects are subject to unforeseeable delays including weather, crew availability and equipment issues. All timelines are best guesses only. 

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Click on the map to view the project area.

If you have questions, please contact Pulse at 780-743-7000 or visit rmwb.ca/pulse.

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