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Environmental Services Department

The Environmental Services department provides diligent, reliable and effective environmental services for the region, including water distribution, solid waste collection and disposal, landfill management, waste water and storm water collection and treatment. The department works with operational and supporting departments to continually improve the efficiency and sustainability of these essential services and surpass regulatory standards.

The Environmental Services department comprises the following branches:

Solid Waste Services

The Solid Waste Services branch operates and maintains all municipal solid waste handling facilities, including the landfill. It protects the environment and residents by collecting and disposing of solid waste and recycling. The municipal landfill is located approximately 8.5 km south on Highway 63.

Landfill, refuse collection and recycling inquiries: 780-743-7000

Trades Services

The Trades Services branch provides preventative service, maintenance and repair to Environmental Services facilities and equipment to ensure their reliable operation.

Wastewater Treatment

The Wastewater Treatment branch operates and maintains all municipal wastewater and storm water treatment facilities. The wastewater treatment plant is located at 820 Memorial Drive.

Wastewater treatment inquiries: 780-791-0326

Water Treatment

Provides sufficient, reliable and safe supply of potable water to customers and maintains all municipal potable water treatment facilities. The water treatment plant is located at 1 Silin Forest Road.

Water treatment inquiries: 780-743-7000

Underground Services

The Underground Services (UGS) branch is responsible for all municipal potable water distribution systems, as well as waste and storm water collection systems.

There are two water truck fill locations: one at the water treatment plant, and one at the waste water treatment plant.

Water quality, sewer backup or meter inquiries: 780-743-7000

To obtain access to the water truck fills: 780-743-7975

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