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Tonnage of Recycled Material by Type

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Monthly Turbidity Averages (NTU)

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Number of Non-Compliance (Wastewater), 2015 & First Half 2016

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Landfilled & Recycled 2015


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Provides protection of public health environment and fiscally responsible service to our customers while achieving a workplace that is enjoyable, innovative and respectful.

Department Key Services

  • Water Treatment & Distribution
  • Wastewater Collection & Treatment
  • Solid Waste Collection & Disposal & Waste Recovery, Reuse and Recycling
  • Plant & Facility Maintenance
  • Environmental Emergency Response

Strategic/Council Initiatives

Goal 2: Building Balanced Regional Services

Objective: Develop, improve and maintain coreservice infrastructure.
Strategic Initiatives:
  • Develop a solid waste master plan
  • Treat Janvier Water Treatment Plant process effluent

Goal 6: Building a Sustainable Region

Objective: Protect the Natural environment.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Introduce retrofit rebates for home-based water conservation implemented.
Objective: Reduce and enable reduction of carbon footprint in the Region.
Objective: Reduce landfill waste.
Strategic Initiatives:
  • Implement aerobic landfills
  • Industrial-scale compost facility at the landfill commissioned and operating
  • Phase 1 of Zero Waste Initiative
  • Municipal Recycling Facility (MFR) process feed enhancements
  • Landfill gas management system enhanced.
Objective: Implement a business model to provide sustainable water, waste water and other related utilities.
Strategic Initiatives:
  • Municipal Utility Corporation
  • Maximize use of green energy opportunities

Achievements (Aug 2015 – Sept 2016)

  • Maintained service levels in all five branches throughout the wildfire event
  • Treated Janvier Water Treatment Plant process effluent
  • Accomplished post wildfire activities:
    • Refrigerator pickup program
    • Bagster Program
    • Community garbage bin program
    • Residential weigh scale at landfill compost facility
    • Residential landfill access lane
    • Substantially expanded waste disposal from wildfire event
    • Recovery of underground distribution and collection systems
  • KPIs for all Environmental Services

Major Business Initiatives (2017)

  • Complete the Solid Waste Master Plan
  • Complete Landfill Cell 4 construction
  • Hazardous Waste Round Up event
  • Prepare updates to existing Environmental Services bylaws to reflect current service expectations
  • Upgrade RMWB waste management website and social media sites
  • Gasification project for production of electricity from waste
  • Repair and operate landfill gas management system
  • Strengthen partnerships with related departments on specific projects: Municipal Litter Audit; Community Cleanup; Environmental Week; and providing aggregates from landfill to engineering
  • Support culture and employee wellness initiatives

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