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Business Plan on a Page : Human Resources / Strategic Services


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Workforce by Years of Service (2015)

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Job Posting Activity Monthly (2015)

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Permanent Hires (2015)

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Total Turnover (2011-2015)

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Total Participants in Training Courses

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WCB & LTD Claims (2011-2015)


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Provides strategic services and human resource solutions in support of our organization and our people.

Department Key Services

  • Recruitment and Employee Development
  • Compensation, Health and Benefits
  • Safety and Employee Relations
  • Strategic Services

Strategic/Council Initiatives

Goal 1: Building a Responsible Government

Objective: Ensure consistency and continuity of RMWB policies and procedures.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Continue to develop and update priority policies and procedures relating to human resources and to orientate employees to new policies and procedures that affect them.
Objective: Strengthen organizational capacity to plan, self-assess and report.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Continue to put processes in place to implement, measure and report out on the Strategic Plan.
Objective: Strengthen a positive work environment of trust and respect.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Facilitate the development of desired culture.

Goal 2: Building Balanced Regional Services

Objective: Strengthen service delivery monitoring practices.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) established, measured and publicly reported.

Achievements (Aug 2015 – Sept 2016)

  • Designed and implemented process to describe desired culture
  • Developed and implemented KPMG identified policies and directives and significant HR procedures
  • Designed and implemented a performance management system for exempt employees
  • Reviewed and revised total compensation model for exempt employees
  • Provided Council with an update on the Strategic Plan, designed the “Business Plan on a page” and facilitated the process to build a “Plan on a Page” for each department.
  • Provided essential support and services to employees during and after the wildfire

Major Business Initiatives (2017)

  • Develop a structured and strategic learning program that fulfills the joint goals of the organization and its employees
  • Improve the collection of information for workforce planning
  • Develop post-wildfire employee support and wellness program
  • Implement exempt total compensation model
  • Prepare strategy for collective bargaining and negotiate renewal agreements with IAFF and CUPE in accordance with Council mandate
  • Explore and manage HR impacts relating to the establishment of the Utility Corporation
  • Collaboratively develop approaches to meet customer needs and optimize processes

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