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Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) department is an IT organizational partner helping to create and support efficient and effective municipal operations.

The department provides IT support services that include tools, technology, information and analytics to assist in managing knowledge, meeting regulatory requirements, building internal competencies and improving corporate accountability. It is responsible for all information technology hardware, business application software, physical communications, information security and availability.

This internal service department provides the following services:

Application Services

  • Work with business areas to analyze business needs and assist with finding and implementing an appropriate solution to address business needs and requirements
  • Configure and implement robust, scalable, reliable and reusable business solutions
  • Enhance business solutions to optimize its use and applicability in line with changing business requirements
  • Proactively ensure availability and reliability of business solutions

Infrastructure Services

  • Provide and maintain a secure reliable and adaptive infrastructure
  • Proactively optimize throughput, availability and performance
  • Recommend, acquire, implement and maintain all information technology
  • Troubleshoot technical issues to ensure a stable, efficient computing environment

Geographical Information Services

  • Manage access to data and information in an integrated and secure manner regardless of the source
  • Ensure the authoritative data is well known and accessible
  • Enable and assist with statistical analysis of CORE system data
  • Capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data


Telephone: 780-743-7000
Fax number: 780-799-5895
Email: servicedesk@rmwb.ca

FLOOD RECOVERY: Information and resources