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Penhorwood Condominium: FAQ

Latest News

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Jan. 30: Latest weekly update posted
Jan. 23: Weekly update - Work on time
Jan. 16: Weekly Update - Schedule shortened
Jan. 12: Penhorwood Demolition Set to Begin
Jan. 12: Estimated Demolition Schedule


Early in December, Penhorwood condominium owners were invited to a December 15 information session on next steps for the demolition of the properties. You can read that invitation.

Earlier this year, the Regional Municipality issued an order for the demolition of the Penhorwood condominiums. You can read the letter to owners delivered at that time.

How is the demolition being conducted?

This is a very comprehensive process, and the municipality has engaged a firm that is well equipped and knowledgeable in the handling of this task. Safe materials will be brought to our regional landfill, and hazardous materials will disposed of properly and in accordance with provincial standards.

What will happen with the land once the demolition is complete?

The land remains the responsibility of the Penhorwood Condominium Corporation. Once demolition is completed, the area will be safe, and properly backfilled, with foundations and fencing removed.

Who will pay for the demolition?

On Tuesday, November 25, 2014, Council passed a resolution allocating $3 million toward the demolition of the Penhorwood Condominiums.

Why are we demolishing now?

On September 8, 2014, a Safety Codes Officer for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo issued a demolition order to ensure public safety. The order was based on the present condition of the buildings; deeming them a hazard to public safety.

Is there a schedule for the demolition process?

Yes. It’s available here on this website. This schedule is tentative and weather dependent. There are certain weather conditions that are required throughout the demolition process. If there are any changes to this schedule, we will post them online.

When will demolition begin?

The contractor, Envirocon, will begin site mobilization and setup on Jan. 12. The actual demolition will begin on January 15 and will continue until February 14. There will be one week of inactivity on-site from February 2 to February 9 due to necessary time off for the contractors. The demobilization process is expected to be completed on February 18.

How will I get more information on the demolition process?

The Municipality is committed to keeping you informed and up to speed on the demolition process. We’ll post weekly updates on this website each Friday afternoon. These will provide information on the demolition status and any other relevant details.

What does the demolition process entail?

Envirocon is the contractor that will be facilitating the demolition. They have extensive experience in this type of work. Each building will take four days to demolish from start to finish. This is a comprehensive process where the buildings will be demolished from a top down approach using mechanical means (e.g. excavators). Processing will bring the material down to size, which will facilitate the loading out process. The building foundations will be processed using a hydraulic hammer attachment on the excavator.

What weather conditions are necessary for the demolition process?

The cold weather we’re experiencing is ideal. Air monitoring stations will track winds, and if they rise above 20 km/h, demolition work will have to stop until winds subside. Strong winds can impact the demolition process and overall safety of the project.

Where will the materials be taken?

Standard materials will be disposed of in the regional landfill. Any waste materials that are considered hazardous will be consolidated and sent to a facility that is equipped to deal with this type of material.

What safety precautions are being taken throughout this process?

Public safety is a priority throughout this process. Currently, security presence is on site 24/7, and will continue to be throughout the demolition process.

Specific safety requirements have been met and will continue to be maintained throughout the process. This is a rigorous process, whereby experts are on site to ensure all safety requirements are met and adhered to. Air quality tests and sampling are part of this overall safety process. The safety of on-site workers, and surrounding residences and businesses will be a focus throughout the demolition.

Regional Emergency Services will also be part of this safety process. They will do safety checks of the buildings prior to demolition work beginning.

What will happen with the land once the demolition is complete?

The land remains the responsibility of the Penhorwood Condominium Corporation. Once demolition is completed, the area will be safe and properly backfilled, with foundations and fencing removed. The remaining plants, trees and lights outside of the condominiums are owned by the Penhorwood Condominium Corporation. As such, the corporation will make decisions on their future.

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