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Penhorwood Demolition Updates

The current weather conditions are favourable for the demolition. All processes are on schedule with an expected completion date of Feb. 1.

Demolition of Building D began on Jan. 19 and was completed on Jan. 20, while demolition for Building B began on Jan. 21 and was completed on Jan 22.

Crews are scheduled to begin demolition of Building C on Jan. 23 and Building E on Jan 25. Operations continue to run smoothly therefore the demolition process is still scheduled to take two days per building.

Regional Emergency Services continues to conduct safety checks before crews begin demolishing each building to ensure hazards do not arise during the process.

Crews finished removing debris from Buildings G and A on Jan. 19, and began removing debris from Building D on Jan 21.

All debris from Building D is scheduled to be removed by Jan. 23, followed by Building B on Jan. 25.

All timelines are subject to weather conditions.

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