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Penhorwood Demolition Updates

Current weather conditions are favourable for the demolition and debris removal processes. Demolition was finished on schedule though the completion date for debris removal and demobilization has been extended until Feb. 12.  Details can be found on the demolition schedule.

The demolition process was finished on Jan. 28, on time and on schedule.  At this stage, crews are still removing debris from the site.

Demolition of Building E began on Jan. 25 and was completed on Jan. 26, while demolition for Building F began on Jan. 27 and was completed on Jan 28. This concluded the demolition process for all seven buildings. Operations ran smoothly and the demolition process took two days per building.

Crews began removing debris from Building C on Jan. 25 and finished on Jan. 27. Crews then began removing debris from Building E on Jan. 27 and finished on Jan. 29. The process for removing debris from Building F, the final building, began on Jan. 29 and is scheduled to be finished on Jan. 31.

Following this process, crews will begin removing concrete foundations from the site, smoothing over the site and filling in the foundations beginning on Feb. 1.

Starting Feb. 2, crews will have seven scheduled days off, and will resume work on Feb. 9, at which time crews will continue to remove concrete from the site followed by levelling the site and demobilization.  The revised end date is now Feb. 12.

Security will remain on the site 24/7 while crews are on their scheduled time off.  All timelines are subject to weather conditions.  

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