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Business Plan on a Page : Legislative Services


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Number of Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests Received

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FOIP Training


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The Legislative Services department provides the full range of administrative and legislative support services to Council, Committees, Boards and quasi-judicial tribunals. The Policy & Governance Branch provides support to the organization in drafting and storing Council Policies, Administrative Directives and Administrative Procedures. The Freedom of Information and Protection (FOIP) Branch receives and responds to all requests for records under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, ensures privacy requirements of the Act are adhered to and provides training to other departments on the requirements of that legislation.

Department Key Services

  • Legislative Services
  • Policy & Governance
  • Freedom of Information and Protection

Strategic/Council Initiatives

Goal 1: Building a Responsible Government

Objective: Implement business delivery modes that enhance customer service for residents throughout the Region.
Objective: Ensure consistency and continuity of RMWB policies and procedures.
Strategic Initiatives:
  • Key corporate policies identified and priorities and procedures created and implemented
  • Accountability, Integrity and Transparency Audit recommendations implemented with respect to departments services

Achievements (Aug 2015 – Sept 2016)

  • Published Personal Information Bank (PIB) directory online to meet legislative requirements
  • KPMG Accountability, Integrity and Transparency Audit policy recommendations completed
  • Elected Officials Compensation Travel, Expense, and Support Policy review
  • Council resumed operations in the Edmonton within 8 days after the evacuation
  • Policy Management Framework developed to create policy, Administrative Directives and Administrative Procedures

Major Business Initiatives (2017)

  • Improve awareness of and access to services through enhanced legal and legislative website and mobile applications
  • Upgrade the current Council meeting management system software
  • Providing support for all recovery committees
  • Council compensation review
  • Planning for 2017 Municipal election
  • Council Commendation event

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