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Planning and Development Department


The Planning and Development department provides services related to land use planning and development permitting and municipal land and real estate interest. Providing timely and accurate customer service is essential to facilitate all aspects of development planning. These services are provided through four branches within the department:

Community Development Planning

The Community Development Planning branch is responsible for the immediate planning requirements of customers including interpretation and application of land use bylaws, processing applications to subdivide lands, and processing of development permits. Additionally, the branch provides professional planning support, monitors progress and responds to change through community engagement, education and development of land development policies to guide the growth of the Municipality.

Development Compliance

Development Compliance is a complaints based unit that enforces the Land Use Bylaw (Bylaw No. 99/059), which includes the following:

  • City Centre Regulations
  • Business Licensing
  • Sign Regulations
  • Special Events

Land Administration

The Land Administration department manages all municipal land and facility real estate interests. The department is responsible for the acquisition of land for capital infrastructure projects, disposition of real estate interests and leasing of land and facilities.

The Land Administration department supports all municipal departments, stakeholders and the public by providing orderly resolution of land issues.

Phone: 780-799-8695

Safety Codes

The Safety Codes branch is responsible for reviewing, permitting, and inspecting construction-related activities within the Municipality, and ensuring compliance with all applicable codes and regulations, including the Alberta Safety Codes Act.


Location: 309 Powder Drive [Map]
Phone: 780-799-8695
Fax: 780-743-7874

Other Frequent Contacts

Bylaw Complaints: 780-762-5858
Roads & Transportation Service Request Line: 780-743-7859
Alberta One Call: 1-800-242-3447
ATCO Electric: 1-800-668-2248
ATCO Gas: 780-310-5678

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