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Press Release

Downtown Revitalization

Downtown revitalization is a priority in the Municipality’s 2018-2021 Strategic Plan. The community has invested a significant amount of volunteer time and the Municipality has invested a significant amount in projects, programs, services in preparation for a refreshed, revitalized downtown area.

Have there been significant stops and starts? Yes. 
Are we ready to try again together as a community? Yes.

We have had some early conversations with many stakeholders about the revitalization of downtown and we now want to connect with all residents and get everyone involved in what they have as the vision for our downtown. 

We recognize that previous downtown redevelopment projects were not fully communicated or did not engage the public as well as should have been. We want to make this process as inclusive and open as we can. While we will be encouraging feedback on the downtown in the weeks ahead, there will be further opportunities to weigh in on downtown revitalization. We want to give every opportunity for residents to be heard – this process belongs to you.

Downtown Revitalization Primer 

Ready to learn more about the Strategic Plan, our readiness to refresh downtown and current construction projects? The links below will take you to the documents that will help our community to develop the plan for downtown revitalization:

Have your say: Public engagement and survey

Residents are invited to attend drop-in sessions on the following dates and times. At the sessions, municipal representatives and volunteer community ambassadors will be there to listen to ideas, gather feedback, share information and answer questions.

When Where Time
Wednesday, June 26  Fort McMurray Urban Market (Jubilee Plaza) 11 am-6 pm
Thursday, June 27  Suncor Community Leisure Centre main concourse (MacDonald Island Park) 4 pm-8 pm
Monday, July 1  Heritage Shipyard at Heritage Park 1 pm-4 pm
Thursday, July 4 Shell Place Baseball Stadium (Moose Jaw Express vs. Fort McMurray Giants) 7 pm-9 pm
Wednesday, July 10   Fort McMurray Urban Market (Jubilee Plaza)     11 am-6 pm
Monday, July 15  Suncor Community Leisure Centre main concourse (MacDonald Island Park) 3 pm-7 pm
Wednesday, July 17 Fort McMurray Urban Market (Jubilee Plaza)    11 am-6 pm
Wednesday, July 24 Fort McMurray Urban Market (Jubilee Plaza)   11 am-6 pm
Monday, July 29   Suncor Community Leisure Centre main concourse  (MacDonald Island Park) 3 pm-7 pm
Wednesday, July 31 Fort McMurray Urban Market (Jubilee Plaza)         11 am-6 pm
Friday, Aug. 9  Seniors Open House (Golden Years Society)   9 am-Noon
Wednesday, Aug. 14  Fort McMurray Urban Market (Jubilee Plaza)    11 am-6 pm
Wednesday, Aug. 21 Janvier Open House (Janvier Municipal Office) 6 pm-8 pm
Wednesday, Aug. 28 Fort McMurray Urban Market Jubilee Plaza)  11 a.m.-6p.m.
Wednesday, Aug. 28   Draper Open House (Royal Canadian Legion No. 165)  6 pm-8 pm
Thursday, Aug. 29 Conklin Open House (Conklin Multiplex) 6 pm-8 pm
Wednesday, Sept. 4   Fort Chipewyan Open House (Mamawi Hall)    6 pm-8 pm
 Thursday, Sept. 5 Saprae Creek Estates Open House (Vista Ridge All-Seasons Park)  6 pm-8 pm
Wednesday, Sept. 11   Fort McKay Open House (TBD)    6 pm-8 pm
Thursday, Sept. 12   Anzac & Gregoire Lake Estates Open House (Anzac Recreation Centre) 6 pm-8 pm


This next step follows a public presentation of the Downtown Revitalization Readiness Report to Council in May and a series of meetings with over 100 stakeholder and community representatives. Community engagement will continue to take place over the summer months and into Fall, 2019.

Ideas gathered from the community will be used to help capture the community’s current vision for downtown revitalization in Fort McMurray. Downtown revitalization is identified as key priority in Council’s 2018-2021 Strategic Plan. 

Have your say on downtown revitalization: Online survey

Want more information about downtown revitalization or have ideas to share? You can contact us at