Application Process


For questions or to apply:
Community Investment Program (CIP) branch
Tel: 780-743-7000

For permitting inquiries:
Planning and Development department
Tel: 780-799-8695

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Download the Downtown Revitalization Incentives Program Policy FIN-320.

Step 1: Contact the Community Investment Program (CIP) branch 

Prospective applicants should contact the CIP branch to confirm general project eligibility prior to applying.

The CIP branch may refer the applicant to the Planning and Development department to arrange a pre-application meeting. 

Step 2: Apply

Complete the application form and attach supporting documents. 

Applicants may submit separate applications for more than one grant stream. 

Step 3: Application review process

Applications will be reviewed by the CIP branch and Planning and Development department. Applicants will be contacted if modifications are needed.

Applications may be circulated to municipal departments for feedback. All sidewalk patios and on-street patios will be circulated to ensure the proposed locations are appropriate and permits can be obtained.

Please allow two additional weeks to receive comments.

Decisions on applications will be made by the Manager of Planning and Development.

Step 4: Notification and agreements

Applicants will be notified by the CIP branch by email if their proposal will be awarded funding.

Successful applicants will enter into an agreement with the Municipality. The agreement sets out the terms and conditions of participation in the program. A signed agreement must be returned to the Municipality before any work begins.

Step 5: Obtain your permits

Apply for municipal permits and permissions. Permits must be obtained prior to any construction. A pre-application meeting can assist with identifying permitting requirements.

Step 6: Construction

Construct your project.

Step 7: Request reimbursement

Notify the Municipality that construction is complete.

Provide supporting information, including original invoices and receipts, and ‘after’ photos.

The Municipality may complete a site inspection to confirm construction is complete. 

The Municipality will confirm that all the eligibility requirements have been met, including property taxes and municipal utility  bills are up to date, and there are no outstanding enforcement notices.

Once the Municipality is satisfied that the terms and conditions of the agreement have been met, funds will be released, and the applicant will be reimbursed.

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