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Fleet Services Equipment 2015

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Regional Outdoor Facilities/Amenities 2015

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Potholes Filled 2015

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Municipal Road Data 2015


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Provides services to its customers in the areas of Fort Chipewyan Hamlet Operational Services, Fleet Services, Parks and Road Maintenance. The department is committed to delivering exemplary service in a proactive, operationally efficient, and cost effective manner that addresses the needs of the Municipality through engagement with members of the community and effective communication.

Department Key Services

  • Road Maintenance (with Traffic Services)
  • Parks
  • Fleet
  • Fort Chipewyan Hamlet Operational Services Branch (including Fort Chipewyan Community Services)

Strategic/Council Initiatives

Goal 1: Building a Responsible Government

Objective: Implement business delivery modes that enhance customer service for residents throughout the Region.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Customer responsiveness program — implement data management system for Public Works
Objective: Strengthen a positive work environment of trust and respect.

Goal 2: Building Balanced Regional Services

Objective: Strengthen regional service delivery quality.
Objective: Strengthen service delivery monitoring practices.

Goal 6: Building a Sustainable Region

Objective: Protect the natural environment.
Objective: Reduce and enable the reduction of carbon footprint in the Region.

Goal 7: Building a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Objective: Encourage the use of region’s recreational and community facilities, including natural amenities.

Achievements (Aug 2015 – Sept 2016)

  • Successful implementation and completion of winter maintenance zones
  • Maximization of signal timing to improving traffic flow on arterial roads
  • Continued to maintain services in all branches after the wildfire as well as support the recovery team
  • Completion of Real Martin Drive Cemetery
  • Completion of building new and life-cycling of existing outdoor recreational facilities:
    • New bike park
    • Upgraded four tennis courts
    • Upgraded Ross Hennigar Ball Diamonds
    • New Dr K.P. Wong Spray Park
    • New School Outdoor Classroom (Westview/Westwood)

Major Business Initiatives (2017)

  • Summer maintenance of rural areas within Urban Service Area
  • Support initiatives/projects from the Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee
  • Implement automated vehicle locator system in fleet vehicles (pending 2017 budget approval)
  • Develop new Wildfire Mitigation Strategy based on recent events and community needs.
  • Implement Phase 2A Birchwood Trails Conn Creek Fuel Modification Project
  • Parks Master Plan
  • Summer Road Maintenance

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