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Birchwood Trails

  Birchwood Trails scene

You can walk, run or bike along more than 135 kilometres of maintained trails in Fort McMurray known as the Birchwood Trails.

Trail Etiquette

While enjoying the trails, please observe the following:

  • Use the trails at your own risk, and share the trails with other users.
  • For safety, helmets are required for bike riders. (Bylaw 99/028).
  • No motorized vehicles permitted unless authorized by special permit (Bylaw 98/078).
  • No littering (Bylaw 07/043).
  • All pets must be leashed (Bylaw 02/031). Please pick-up after your pets.
  • Fires are not permitted (Bylaw 99/028).
  • No person shall carry or discharge a firearm while on the trails (Bylaw 967).

Please direct questions and concerns regarding the trails to RMWB Parks at 780-799-5832.

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