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Use of Parks and Trails - Rules and Tips

For your safety, please use these rules and guidelines when using parks and trails.

  • No motorized vehicles permitted in parks or on trails unless authorized by special permit (Bylaw No.98/078).
  • No littering (Bylaw No. 07/043).
  • Helmets are required for your safety (Bylaw No. 99/028).
  • All pets must be leashed (Bylaw No. 02/031) except in off-leash dog parks. Please pick up after your pets.
  • No damaging or removing any street furniture (street curb, sidewalk, pole, traffic sign, waste receptacle, bus bench, bus shelter, tree, plant, grass, hydrant, fence, utility, utility service or any other RMWB property).
  • No hunting or firearms. No person shall discharge or carry a firearm while on the trails (Bylaw No. 967). Please report any infraction to Bylaw Services at 780-762-5858.
  • Fires are not permitted on trails (Bylaw No. 99/028).
  • No tree cutting is permitted in the Urban Service Area (Fort McMurray)
  • Deadfall permits are required to salvage fallen trees on municipal property. Visit the South Operation Centre at 140 Saprae Creek Trail, Fort McMurray to get a permit. There is a small fee for this permit.
  • Call Pulse at 780-743-7000 to report a hazard or other unsafe condition.
  • Use the trails at your own risk, and share the trails with other users.
  • The trails are unsupervised. The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is not responsible for loss, damage or injury arising from trail use.
    • In the wintertime, check the weather report and advisories before heading out. Dress in layers to keep warm and dry.
    • When there is snow on the ground, please walk and run on the side opposite the classic ski tracks and clear of the skate lane in the middle of the trail. On hills, yield the right of way to descending skiers.
    • Sledding and snowboarding on trails is prohibited.
    • Avoid using the trails during icy conditions.

    Please direct questions and concerns regarding parks and trails to the Pulse Line at 780-743-7000.

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