Thickwood Reservoir Replacement


Learn about the upcoming Thickwood Reservoir Replacement project and what the RMWB is doing to protect residents

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Thickwood Reservoir Replacement Project


Thickwood Reservoir Replacement Construction Notice

We’re replacing the potable water reservoir in Thickwood because the current structure is at the end of its life cycle. Construction is slated to begin in May 2017 and substantially finish later in the year with smaller items like landscaping wrapping up in 2018. The new reservoir will feature a brick veneer finish and sharp angles that will look like the matching rectangular reservoir built in 2014.

Several measures are being put in place to minimize disruptions:

  • Vibration monitoring 24 hours a day will protect homes and other structures adjacent to the reservoir from damage during construction. A geotechnical engineer will place probes on the ground to monitor vibrations during the project.
  • We’re creating our own construction access on the municipal right-of-way to minimize disruption to residents — no private land will be used. We’re also putting up a temporary construction fence to lessen dust, debris and noise.

This project will improve the reliability of the water distribution system and service the future needs of the community. We appreciate the continued support of the community and look forward to sharing in the benefits that this new facility will bring.

For questions please call 780-793-1054, email

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