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Becker Crescent, Parmenter Crescent, Leigh Crescent Oaks & Brintnell Rd

Virtual Open House

UIRP 2017 - Construction C-1:Becker Cres., Parmenter Cres., Leigh Cres. Oaks & Brintnell Rd

Project Update

This is a continuation from last year’s project. Will be replacing all underground services, Water, storm, sewer

This project will be done in three stages, please see the virtual open house for staging.

Sidewalks will be installed for ease of pedestrian traffic. Roadway will be rebuilt.Driveways will be affected and will be repaired when the project is completed.Fences will be up to keep people out to the project area and this will have pedestrian traffic on your lawn. We will landscape your lawn at the end of the project.

Work starts end of May to end of September.

Please see your latest notice for more information

All WMZones are active: Feb. 18 - 22.  Follow us here for regular updates.