Winter Maintenance Zones
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Winter Maintenance Zones

Note: Back alley snow removal begins Jan. 25 and will continue everyday, including weekends, until snow has been removed from all back alleys in the region. Please ensure any belongings that may block or impede access have been removed.


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Winter Maintenance Zones overview:

Map: Winter Maintenance Zones

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Windrows Safety

Look for the Signs

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Policy Documents

Urban Ice and Snow Control Policy
Council approved an Urban Snow and Ice Control Policy (PRL – 150) at its Jan. 12, 2016 meeting.

Winter Maintenance Zones were created in Fort McMurray’s residential neighbourhoods to facilitate snow plowing and removal, as well as other routine maintenance while providing consistency to residents who need on-street parking. The program is based on feedback from the community for more regular service, consistent notification for parking restrictions, safer driving conditions and less snow buildup/rutting along residential streets. Snow removal and hauling are performed in order to increase road width (where it is less than 5.5m). Municipal staff determine if this threshold has been met.

Some important changes were made in the 2017-2018 Winter Maintenance Zone Season. Read on to learn how these changes affect residents who park on residential streets.

Monday and Tuesday Zone Changes in 2017-2018 Season

To make plowing operations more efficient, in the 2017-2018 season we changed the Monday and Tuesday Zones to be grouped geographically. The neighbourhoods affected by this change are Beacon Hill, Prairie Creek, Abasand, Downtown (lower townsite), Thickwood and Wood Buffalo. If you are unsure of your zone, please check the posted signage or use the Find Your Zone tool to see if there were any changes to your zone.

Crews have updated the no-parking signs in affected neighbourhoods to indicate the day that parking restrictions will be in effect. You can also refer to the updated Winter Maintenance Zone map to find out if your zone has changed.


In the 2017-2018 season, subzones were introduced based on residents' feedback. Each Winter Maintenance Zone has broken down further into subzones 1, 2, 3 and 4. If a subzone is not being serviced on its active day, we can communicate that that subzone is relaxed. Residents will be able to park in that subzone without being ticketed or towed. Subzones will mainly be used when crews are hauling snow and windrows. Zones and subzones may also be relaxed throughout the season if maintenance is not needed, so check our website and electronic neighbourhood entrance signage for up-to-date information. Subzone numbers do not indicate priority for service, and when crews are focused on removing snow, some streets in the subzone may not receive maintenance due to time limitations, equipment failure or other unforeseen circumstances. 

While residents should plan for their zone/subzone to be active on the day indicated on their neighbourhood signage, we will be relaxing zones if appropriate. Our goal is to inform the public of relaxed zones or subzones at least 24 hours in advance. You can find this information the municipal website, or by calling PULSE at 780-743-7000.

Use the Find Your Zone tool to find your zone or subzone.

How Do Winter Maintenance Zones Work?

All residential neighborhoods have been divided into five Winter Maintenance Zones, one for each weekday. Each Winter Maintenance Zone is broken down further into four subzones each. On the day that each Zone is active, crews will plow the streets, clear any snow they may have placed on sidewalks and perform other routine maintenance as required to maintain safe, accessible roadways for residents, emergency vehicles, transit, and municipal equipment. To assist in this process, on-street parking is not available along residential streets in each Zone on the day that it is active.

If you park along residential streets, this maintenance program could affect you.

Signage has been posted in each residential neighbourhood highlighting the weekday that on-street parking is restricted.

There are fees associated with non-compliance. If a vehicle remains parked in a Winter Maintenance Zone on the assigned day of snow removal/road maintenance, a Notice of Violation will be placed on the vehicle and it will be towed to an impound lot. The fine for the Notice of Violation is $120 as per our Roads and Transportation Bylaw (No. 02/079), and in addition there will be significant fees to store and remove the vehicle from the impound lot.

Our priority is to clear a safe path for residents, as well as emergency vehicles and municipal equipment so they can provide their services to the community. We would rather educate residents of on-street parking restrictions than ticket and tow vehicles. In order to save yourself time and money, please familiarize yourself with the Winter Maintenance Zone and subzone information for your area.

Towing and Impound Information

Towing Company: FMG Energy Services

(Residents are reminded that an independent third-party company performs towing services. The municipality does not perform this function.)

- 113, 190 MacAlpine Crescent
Impound Yard - 170 MacAlpine Cres. (located across from the Fort McMurray SPCA)
Phone: 780-838-0929 (7 a.m. -11 p.m., 7 days a week)

Office Hours:
Weekdays – 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Weekends – Saturday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Sunday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Holidays – 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Hours of Service:

Service will be available between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. Staff will be on-site during office hours only. See office hours noted above. Outside of these hours, motorists will need to call for assistance. Please note there may be a delay for on-site service outside of office hours.

Towing Fees and Payment Method

All towing and impound fees are administered by FMG Energy Services and are the responsibility of the resident to arrange for payment.

Fee Structure:
Storage for each 24-hr period: $35/vehicle/day or part thereof
Vehicle towing for street maintenance (cars, SUVs, pickup trucks): $90/hour/vehicle
Larger vehicle towing (tractor trailers, big rig units): $135/hour/vehicle 
Oversized vehicle removal which requires specialized equipment (this rate will cover all tools and equipment): $155/hour/vehicle
Roadway or equipment clean-up from spills when/as required: $60/hour/vehicle
Site clean-up from debris/spills, etc.: $60/hour

Cash, debit and all forms of credit cards are accepted. Update: Credit/debit machines are back online. Thank you for your patience.