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Winter Roads

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The RMWB maintains the Fort Chipewyan Winter Road, La Loche Winter Trail and a portion of the Lac La Biche winter trail. Click on the link below to choose the winter road you’d like to know about. And click on the mail icon to subscribe for updates to either Fort Chipewyan or La Loche.

Lac La Biche and Fort Smith

For updates about the Lac La Biche winter trail, visit this page for updates. For information on the Fort Smith Winter Road, please call Parks Canada at 1-867-872-7962.

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Q: Is there a restriction to the width of the truck and load itself?
A: The winter roads are 8 metres wide. Any loads outside normal vehicle width would require haul permit and escort vehicles in front and back of the wide load.

Q: Is there cell phone/radio service?
A: There is no cell service in sections along both the Fort Chipewyan and La Loche winter roads. A cell phone booster is recommended when travelling the winter roads

Q: Must vehicles use 4-wheel (4x4) drive?
A: It is not a requirement, but the roads can get rough in some areas. To avoid getting stuck or having any issues, 4x4 vehicles are recommended throughout the season.

Q: Are there mile markers on the Fort Chipewyan winter road? Must drivers radio in the markers to anyone?
A: Yes. There are mile markers starting in Fort Chipeywan that run south to the entrance gate by the washrooms. Markers can be used for emergency situations and wide loads, but there is no requirement to call in to anyone while travelling the road.

Q: How long are the winter roads?
A: The Fort Chipewan winter road is 159.5 km from gate to gate, while the La Loche winter trail is 62 km from Hwy #881 to the Saskatchewan border.

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