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La Loche Winter Trail

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Residents are reminded that winter road season will be ending soon as the weather warms up.

All winter roads and trails are still open; however, in the coming days, load limits are expected to decrease, and travel limitations (10 p.m. to 10 a.m. for heavy vehicles above 5,000 kg) will be activated soon. These strategies will protect the winter road so it can be kept open longer. 

Please continue to check from the list of resources below to keep up-to-date on winter road conditions and allowances.

As temperatures rise, ice melt along the road can create very slippery conditions. Please drive with caution and stay to the right-hand side of the road to give oncoming traffic plenty of room. Motorists are also reminded to observe all posted signage for enhanced safety and to help protect the integrity of the winter road.

Residents and industry are encouraged to make any trips or transport heavier loads as soon as practical. Timelines for the road closure cannot be predicted as they are dependent on weather conditions.

There are no regular services like road patrol, gas stations or cell phone coverage so always be prepared for emergencies. High clearance 4x4 vehicles are recommended.

Workers, equipment and other motorists may also be on the road, so please stay on the right side of the road on hills for enhanced safety.

Please drive to road conditions and obey all posted signage. When passing equipment, reduce speed to 30 km/h for everyone’s safety.

Updates will be provided regularly as required. Check the following sources for the latest information:

FLOOD RECOVERY: Information and resources