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La Loche Winter Trail

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(Fort McMurray, AB – March 2, 2020) –The La Loche Winter Trail will be closing for the season on March 3 at 12:00 p.m.

This means that vehicles will no longer be able to operate on the La Loche Winter Trail after noon on Tuesday.  

Members of the public are encouraged to sign up for winter road and trail email notifications at rmwb.ca/winterroads. Those signed up for the notifications will receive a direct email when the Municipality announces winter road and trail updates. After subscribing, please check your inbox for a confirmation email.

There are no regular services like road patrol, gas stations or cell phone coverage so always be prepared for emergencies. High clearance 4x4 vehicles are recommended.

Workers, equipment and other motorists may also be on the road, so please stay on the right side of the road on hills for enhanced safety.

Please drive to road conditions and obey all posted signage. When passing equipment, reduce speed to 30 km/h for everyone’s safety.

Updates will be provided regularly as required. Check the following sources for the latest information:

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