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Business Plan on a Page : Sustainable Operations


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Environmental Regulatory/Compliance Sampling

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Regulatory Work


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Services our community by improving the efficiency and strengthening the delivery of core municipal services while protecting the natural environment.

Department Key Services

  • Provide expert advice and guidance in environmental knowledge and application
  • Execute strategic projects to support infrastructure departments in the delivery and optimization of their core services
  • Deliver regulatory projects and facilitate achievement of regulatory requirements to maintain safe and compliant operations and ensure protection of the natural environment
  • Collaborate with operational groups to recognize financial savings and enhance efficiencies
  • Work with internal and external organizations to provide for clean air, water and soil for our residents
  • Support diversification of industry through the application of Sustainability to provide for a ‘post oil-sands’ community

Strategic/Council Initiatives

Goal 1: Building a Responsible Government

Objective: Strengthen organizational capacity to plan, self-assess and report.
Objective: Strengthen a positive work environment of trust and respect.

Goal 2: Building Balanced Regional Services

Objective: Strengthen regional service delivery quality.
Objective: Strengthen service delivery monitoring practices.

Goal 6: Building a Sustainable Region

Objective: Protect the natural environment.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Retrofit rebates for home-based water conservation.
Objective: Reduce and enable reduction of carbon footprint in the Region.
Objective: Reduce landfill waste.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Complete Phase 1 of Zero Waste Initiative.
Objective: Implement a business model to provide sustainable water, waste water and other related utilities.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Municipal Utility Corporation.

Achievements (Aug 2015 – Sept 2016)

  • Developed Activity Based Costing Estimates
  • Publicly release annual reports and highlight drinking water quality successes and concerns
  • Progression on implementing a business model to provide sustainable water, wastewater and other related utilities to the Region, also referred to as the Municipal Utility Corporation
  • Strengthened provision to support core operations, which focus on increasing efficiencies, enhancing service delivery and realizing cost savings
  • Furthered the Region’s sustainability initiatives such as Zero Waste and Water Conservation, bringing aspects of both initiatives to fruition
  • Maintained excellent regulatory compliance with core operations, and successfully meeting provincial and federal annual reporting requirements
  • Successful development of a public education program for local schools on the Municipality’s Solid Waste operations and Zero Waste program

Major Business Initiatives (2017)

  • Identify opportunities for effluent reuse
  • Expand the public education program
  • Research and report on green energy opportunities
  • Establish systems for tracking carbon credit generations
  • Close old landfill and implement aerobic landfill technology on closed landfill cells
  • Finalize implementation plan for the Municipal Utility Corporation
  • Formalize in-house environmental sampling program
  • Support culture and employee wellness initiatives

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