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Indigenous and Rural Relations

Indigenous and Rural Relations (IRR) works to strengthen and maintain relationships with Indigenous people and communities within the region. Recognizing the importance of listening and collaboration, it facilitates meaningful conversations between municipal, Indigenous, federal and provincial governments, service providers, community partners and rural residents. It also provides leadership and advice to other departments on Indigenous issues and policies to create strategies that positively contribute to the quality of life of Indigenous people in the region.

The department’s vision is to enhance and maintain meaningful relationships with First Nation, Métis, Non-Status and Inuit governments, organizations and residents to ensure inclusion and participation in municipal matters. With that goal in mind, the department focuses on the following:


  • Ensure that Municipal services address the needs of Indigenous people.
  • Coordinate the Municipality’s participation in Indigenous community-led initiatives.
  • Collaborate to resolve concerns as they arise.
  • Research and provide advice about the rights of Indigenous people.
  • Conduct administrative reviews of Additions to Reserve requests, cost-sharing partnerships and other initiatives proposed by Indigenous communities.

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