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Outdoor Advertising


RMWB Advertising Media Kit

Get in touch

Outdoor advertising is managed through the Creative Solutions Branch at the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Contact us to find out how you can make your impression.

Email: ads@rmwb.ca

Make your impression

Transit and billboard advertising is an effective and dynamic way to make your impression. Set your message apart from the competition by putting your message in motion. By bringing your message to your audience, your ad is not limited to specific listeners, readers or demographics.

Get on board

Strategically located throughout Fort McMurray, outdoor advertising — transit ads and billboards — takes your message to where people are going: from their departure and arrival to the region, downtown to uptown, the airport, schools and college, shopping centres and commercial districts, local neighbourhoods, and even some of our surrounding rural Hamlets.

Get on target

Your message will make an impression on consumers in their vehicles, on foot, at bus shelters around the city, and as they make their way through the region. Covering all major roads in Fort McMurray, transit advertising gives you the opportunity to get your message to your target market. While strategically placed billboard advertising will extend the reach of your message even further.

Transit by the Numbers

  • 80 buses in the fleet
  • 24 routes travelled daily on weekdays
  • 23 routes travelled daily on weekends
  • 409 stops throughout Fort McMurray
  • 20 hours on the road every weekday
  • 17.5 hours on the road on Saturdays and 14.5 hours on Sundays
  • 4,000 commuters every day
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Billboards by the Numbers

  • 10 billboards located along Hwy. 63 at the gateway to Fort McMurray
  • 1 billboard located along Hwy. 63 adjacent to Mariana Lake
  • Annual average of nearly 500,000 impressions for north and southbound traffic
  • Nearly 20,000 impressions per month, per direction (north/south)
  • Billboard size: 10 ft. x 20 ft.

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