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Safety Codes Glossary

Building Safety Codes Officers: Safety codes officers inspect the construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of structures and systems to ensure compliance with relevant codes, standards, and regulations. Safety codes officers are involved with the elements of public safety covered by the Safety Codes Act and the Alberta Building Code.

Development Permit: This is a document issued by a planner in the Planning and Development department. Before some work can commence, development approval must be granted by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo under its Land Use Bylaw authorizing development, including excavation, stockpiling, building additions and a change in use or intensity of the use of the land or building, to proceed.

Plans Examiner: The Plans examiner reviews plans and specifications for compliance with codes and ordinances and meets and confers with the applicants at the permit services counter. The examiner reviews building plans and specification for construction, improvement, repair and change of use.

Safety Codes Council: Since 1993, the Safety Codes Council has been responsible for all aspects of the safety system, including accrediting the municipalities, corporations and agencies that sell permits and inspect the work carried out under these permits; certifying and training Safety Codes Officers who do the inspections; administering the Alberta Master Electrician Program, as well as developing, enhancing and supporting Information Technology safety system applications.

Safety Code Permit: Permits ensure that any installation will conform to the safety standards that have been adopted under the Safety Codes Act, and that inspection(s) will be provided by certified Safety Codes Officers. Inspections are mandatory when a permit is issued.

Uniform Quality Management Plan (UQMP): A Quality Management Plan is a document in which an organization (e.g. municipality, regional services commission, corporation, agency) describes the disciplines (or parts of disciplines) and extent of safety services it intends to provide when it becomes accredited.

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