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New Home Warranties

As of February 1, 2014, every new home built in Alberta needs to have warranty coverage. In addition, all new construction must be entered into the New Home Buyer Protection Public Registry. The registry provides users with information about the home, as well as the name and contact information for the builder and warranty provider.

Homeowners Applying for Home Warranty

If you are a homeowner building a new home for yourself, you will still be required to apply for the Home Warranty Number.

If you have any inquires please email homewarranty.inquiries@gov.ab.ca.

Alberta Municipal Affairs offers Owner-Builder Application help, including a training guide.

No building permit will be processed without the Home Warranty Number (which will look something like "14RH1236654"), unless you have Owner Builder Authorization from Alberta Municipal Affairs.

As a homeowner Under the New Home Buyer Protection Act, owner builders may apply for authorization to construct a home without warranty in place. This is done through the Owner Builder Application for Authorization process. If approved, the authorization will allow the owner builder to build their home without a warranty in place, providing they ...

  • intend to reside in the new home for 10 years;
  • be the registered owner of the property where the home will be built;
  • intend to personally engage in, arrange for or manage all or substantially all of the new home's construction;
  • not have contravened the Act;
  • not have received an owner builder authorization in the past three years; and
  • not been ordinarily resident (only applies to persons 18 years of age or older) in a new home for which another individual was issued an authorization in the past 3 years.

A corporation is not eligible for an owner-builder authorization.

Any construction built prior to Feb 1, 2014, does not require a home warranty number.

Contractors Applying for Home Warranty

As a builder, you need to become an authorized user of the New Home Buyer Protection System’s Builder's Portal. You will need to submit a request for access to the system in order to input information about new home construction projects. Alberta residential home builders and owner-builders can request access to the portal by visiting the Alberta Municipal Affairs website and submitting an access request to the New Home Buyer Protection Public Registry.

Once you have access to the Builder's Portal, you will need to create a builder profile. The first user from each company is responsible for creating their company’s builder profile. More information on how to create a profile within the portal is available in the NHBPS Builder Profile Instructions.

After the builder profile is created, users will be able to register buildings/properties. Learn more about how to use the Builder’s Portal using the Residential Builders Training Guide. The guide provides an overview of the registration process, including step-by-step instructions on how to register buildings/properties, how to manage payments, how to print a permit certificate, and how to manage registrations.

No building permit will be processed without the Home Warranty Number (like "14RH1236654"). The registration number you receive from your insurance company is not the correct number (they might look something like "HO123654").

If you are Building any apartment complexes for rental use you will still be required to apply for a Rental Exemption Application through Alberta Municipal Affairs.

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