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Occupancy Permits

Occupancy permits assure building owners that their structure will perform as it should and keep its occupants safe. Most renovations in existing buildings and all new construction require an occupancy permit.

By involving our safety code officers during the permit application stage, many problems can be prevented before they leave the paper and move into the physical structure. An SCO is there to prevent or uncover budding problems before they have a chance to become big problems. The Alberta Building Code sets the standards for buildings constructed in the province of Alberta. Permits and inspections will save you from future issues, make sure that your structure is safe and confirm the building is constructed to the minimum code. Remember that even if you do not do the work yourself, it is the building owner’s responsibility to ensure that all permits are in place and all required inspections are completed.

Occupancy permits are only issued after a careful review of all Building and trade permit inspections by Safety Codes. All permits are required to be closed compliant prior to Occupancy permit issuance.

Licensed Contractors

Completed Occupancy permit applications can be dropped off at Planning and Development at Timberlea Landing, 309 Powder Drive, Fort McMurray or apply online through E-Permitting.

Homeowner’s permit

If you have no experience with construction, it is best to hire a professional contractor who is eligible to receive permits. Only qualified professionals are eligible to apply for permits. Work done by inexperienced installers may need expensive corrections and may, in fact, be dangerous. However, as a homeowner who resides in a Single-Family Dwelling, you can apply for a homeowner permit for the occupancy of the dwelling.

You can apply for a homeowner’s permit if:
  • You own and reside at the building (or will reside if the home is under construction)
  • You will personally be doing the work
  • You can ensure that the work will be done in accordance with the Alberta Building Code.
You may not apply for a homeowner’s permit if you:
  • Do not own and reside at the premises to be worked on
  • You are not personally doing the work

Please complete the Occupancy permit application and drop the form off at Planning and Development at Timberlea Landing, 309 Powder Drive, Fort McMurray or apply online through E-permitting.

Applying for Occupancy

To apply for all occupancy permits you can use E-permitting or application can be submitted in person at 309 Powder Drive. If you have any additional questions, contact Planning and Development 780-799-8695 or e-mail us at permit.inquiries@rmwb.ca. Occupancy permits are required before occupying any building or portion thereof or allowing the occupancy of or use of building or portion thereof. Occupancy permits are required before changing a major occupancy classification.

Time it takes to issue occupancy permit

Once an application is accepted by a Permitting and Licensing Clerk, the application will be reviewed by a Safety Codes Clerk to ensure all permits were applied for, all inspections were completed, and all work is compliant. The timing of this review is directly related to the prior compliance of the work completed under the Safety Codes Act and may take only a few days.


You are able to submit your application and payment online via E-Permitting.

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