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Gas Appliance Ventilation Permits

When a gas appliance is being installed a ventilation permit will be required (e.g. If a sheet metal worker is installing a furnace venting and a gas fitter is installing the gas line only, then a ventilation permit is required.)

A journeyman sheet metal worker or journeyman gas fitter must submit the ventilation permit application unless the work is done under a Homeowner’s Permit.

Licensed Contractors

A permit to carry out ventilation work may be issued to the following persons:

  • A journeyman sheet metal worker
  • A journeyman gas fitter

A Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker or Journeyman Gas Fitter can submit a Ventilation Permit Application by dropping it off at Planning and Development at Timberlea Landing, 309 Powder Drive, Fort McMurray. Or apply online through E-Permitting.

Permit Cancellation

A Safety Codes Officer or Permit Issuer may cancel or suspend a permit if he/she is aware that:

  • In the case of an addition or alteration, the existing undertaking is unsafe or will reduce the level of safety of the undertaking governed by the permit to below that which is intended by the Act and Regulations, codes, standards or body of rules declared to be in force pursuant to the Act.
  • Incorrect or insufficient information is submitted with respect to the permit or the undertaking to be governed by the permit.
  • In the opinion of the permit issuer, the undertaking for which the permit would be or has been issued would or does contravene the Act or another enactment
  • The permit fee has not been paid
  • There is a contravention of any condition under which the permit was issued or the permit was issued in error.

Expiration of a Permit

A ventilation permit expires if the work has not started within 90 days of the issuance or if no work is carried out under the permit for a period of 120 consecutive days. Upon written application made prior to the expiry of the permit, the Safety Codes Manager may extend the time period for a permit by an additional 90 days. Permits are good for a year provided work is progressing


Now you are able to submit your application, drawings and payment online via E-Permitting.

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