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RMWB Wildfire Recovery Information

As part of the collaborative response by the Alberta Emergency Management Agency,Canada Task Force 2 (Can-TF2) as deployed to support to the wild fire emergency efforts occurring in the Municipal Region of Wood Buffalo.

Canada Task Force 2 is an ‘all-hazards' Disaster Response Team with a diverse capacity to respond to a variety of man-made and natural disasters. Can-TF2 is also one of only four nationally recognized Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (HUSAR) teams in Canada. Upon arrival in the Fort McMurray area, Can-TF2 bolstered the local authority with an Incident Management Team (IMT) and response equipment support to the Regional Emergency Operation Centre and the emergency operations occurring within the area.

Although several emergency operations are still underway throughout the Municipal Region of Wood Buffalo, the response focus within the region is shifting to re-entry and recovery planning so that business owners and residents will be able to return to the community as soon as possible.

Today, Can-TF2 started returning non-critical equipment. Can-TF2 will continue to support the operations in the Regional Operations Centre. It is critical though, that sections of Can-TF2 return into service to be available to the rest of the province and the country should services be required elsewhere.

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