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RMWB Wildfire Recovery Information

The Regional Emergency Operations Centre (REOC) is centralizing the way it collects "Offers of Resources" from local vendors, many of whom suffered significant loss of property and associated revenue during the wildfire.

“The Municipality is committed to supporting local businesses, especially as we move into the recovery phase,” said Ted Zlotnik, Chief of Logistics, REOC. “These business owners are the backbone of our local economy, and together we will work to rebuild our community.”

Mr. Zlotnik notes that the Municipality will endeavor to utilize local contractors where possible, however there may be circumstances where a vendor from outside the region is required.

Local vendors are encouraged to submit an "Offer of Resource" form, which helps the Municipality better understand what their business can offer. The Municipality will use these Offers to match up businesses with needs that exist within the organization, to coordinate the allocation of these resources. The "Offer of Resources" form can be found here: rmwb.ca/resourceform.

Once the "Offer of Resource" has been submitted, the following steps are taken:

  1. The Logistics team manages these requests using the following sources of supply:
    • Local vendors called under a standard contract or Standard Operating Agreements (SOA) with the Municipality.
    • Vendors registered on our resource offer list. 
    • Any vendor that can provide a product or service that cannot be sourced locally, or the vendor cannot provide the product or service in time for the work start date. Please note that it is rare that we cannot find the product or service locally.
  2. The Logistics team then communicates the award of business, delivery information to the suppliers and give them a green light to start the work, and/or notify the supplier when material etc., will be required.

Local vendors are also encouraged to post any available job opportunities on local job boards.

For more information about the procurement process, please visit rmwb.ca/offerresources.

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