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RMWB Wildfire Recovery Information

This notice is for commercial hydrovac haulers and vac trucks hauling liquid material from flooded basements and other areas affected by the wildfire.

With the cleanup process underway for areas affected by the wildfire and flooding, commercial hydrovac haulers and vac truck operators are reminded of the restrictions for materials to be discharged at the RMWB Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) located at 820 Memorial Drive.

Our receiving facilities are regulated through provincial and federal legislation to accept only septage and mud in order to legally discharge the treated product into the environment as well as recycle the material. Therefore, our facilities cannot accept materials such as oils, grease, chemicals, demolition materials and other contaminants.

Regulatory Compliance

To meet regulatory compliance, keep costs at a minimum, and effectively operate the WWTP facility, we require the full cooperation of hydrovac haulers and vac trucks to insure all loads are limited to water, mud and small amounts of ash. If non-compliance occurs, the Municipality may be required to send all haulers to approved facilities located a considerable distance from Fort McMurray, having a significant impact on cost and timeliness for debris removal. Discharge of materials harmful to aquatics and wildlife may also be subject to penalties.

Methods to meet regulatory requirements include the following:

  1. Communicate with the material generator to insure the material does not contain hydrocarbons, toxins, or other potential contaminates.
  2. If in doubt, call the WWTP at 780-791-0326, or the Pulse Call Line at 780-743-7000.
  3. Utilize screens, perforated buckets, weirs, or other filtering devices to extract solids.

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All Winter Maintenance Zones are relaxed until further notice.