Construction Access Roads

The Municipality has constructed temporary access roads to support construction traffic in the rebuilding of Abasand and Beacon Hill. Based on the current access roads into Waterways, a temporary access route is not required there.


These new temporary access roads are intended to:

  • Maintain cleanliness on public roadways
  • Separate heavy construction traffic from public roadways
  • Decrease the level of risk to residents posed by an influx of construction traffic


These roads will only be for construction traffic accessing the work zones. Safety Codes Officers and security staff will help to enforce the use of this road by construction traffic.

All residential traffic is to remain on existing accesses and streets within these areas, as they normally would.

The road will remain in place until the Municipality is confident that it is no longer needed. When it is

More Information

For questions, call the Construction Hotline at 780-793-1054 or email