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The Medals

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As a means of honouring all of the numerous people and groups that participated in the first 100 hours of the wildfire, three award categories have been developed for the Council Commendation Wildfire Medal Program:

While each story is different and each person’s contribution is unique, the Council Commendation Wildfire Medals are a universal symbol of gratitude and recognition from the Mayor and Council of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Latin Inscription

The following is a translation of the Latin inscription that can be found on both sides of the medals:

  • Virtutem: Strength
  • Officium: Duty
  • Honoris: Honour

Medal Design

May 3, 2016 marks the date of the evacuation and also the beginning of the first 100 hours of the wildfire (from May 3 at 1 p.m. until May 7 at 5 p.m.).

The front side of the medal is a representation of the hills and valley walls that run through Fort McMurray, with flames and smoke rising from the forest as the fire approached populated areas. The blank area below the tree line is a representation of the Horse River.

The back side of the medal includes the municipal logo, along with the date of May 3, 2016.

The label along the ribbon of each medal indicates the award category (i.e., Public Service, Firefighter or Law Enforcement).

These medals are part of an independent municipal initiative and do not follow the Canadian Order of Precedence for decorations and medals.