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Demolition Information & Resources

If you experienced a total structural loss as a result of the wildfire, the following information will support you in the demolition and permitting process.

Securing the site

Securing the demolition site must be done before any work begins. All properties that have suffered a total loss or have been identified as unsafe for entry/to occupy will be fenced off.

Access will not be permitted to the site until approvals have been granted by the appropriate authorities.

The site must remain fenced until the clean up has been completed and a Planning and Development representative inspects the site.

Site Clean Up

Once the area is secured, insurance adjusters will attend the site to complete assessments with the property owner(s). After all assessments have been completed, the insurance company will provide confirmation and approval that clean up can be initiated.

In most cases, insurance companies will be coordinating the clean-up of all of the damaged structures in a group effort.

Obtaining Approval

Demolition approval must be obtained by submitting a complete application for a Demolition Permit through E-Permitting.

For assistance completing your application, use the Demolition Permit Information Package.

Approval Timeline

Once a successfully completed application is reviewed and approved, a demolition permit will be issued. This takes approximately 48 hours, if the application is properly completed.

NOTE: Property clean up is not permitted until the demolition permit has been issued. If you are not using an agent (such as your insurance provider) to arrange for demolition, ensure that your contractor applies for the proper permits.

Demolition / Clean Up Site Inspections

When a demolition permit is issued, several conditions are applied to the permit. One condition requires a pre-site inspection and another requires a post-site inspection by a Development Compliance Officer to verify if the property is in compliance with the Land Use Bylaw, Route Haul Bylaw and Alberta Building Code.

Requesting a Pre- and Post-Site Inspection

To request a pre- and post-site inspection, call 780-743-7813 or email


Inspections will be completed within 48 hours from the time the inspection is scheduled.


To ensure a compliant site inspection, follow these steps:

Step 1: Pre-inspection requirements    

  • Have the site cleaned
  • Ensure all site safety requirements are met
  • Complete utility disconnections; obtain written verification from a utility representative; and submit verification

Step 2: Request an inspection

  • The clerk will schedule an inspection to be completed within 48 hours
  • A permit number or address must be provided

Step 3: Inspection to be completed

  • The inspection report will be printed and available for pick-up or sent out to the resident the next day via mail. Reports can be emailed upon request

Step 4: Closing a permit    

  • If the inspection is passed, the clerk will close the permit
  • If the inspection failed, the permit will remain open until the applicant makes the necessary corrections

Development Permits

Once the site has been deemed clean and the permit is closed, a development permit can be issued.

Development permit applications can be submitted once the demolition permit is issued, but will not be issued until the demolition permit is closed as compliant.

Once the development permit is issued, a building permit can be applied for.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to frequently asked questions about demolition information and permitting, including waste management, site fencing and the Planning & Development Department.

More Information

The Demolition Permit Information Package, Checklists & Application Form will assist those involved in the demolition and clean up efforts.

For additional questions, call the Planning & Development Department at 780-799-8695 or visit the office (Timberlea Landing, 309 Powder Drive).