Site Fencing

Resident safety remains our number one priority during recovery.

Due to the evacuation, property owners were unable to install required fencing and therefore, the Municipality took the initiative to ensure these areas remained safe and secure.

Under Section 546 of the Municipal Government Act, the Municipality may issue an order to remedy any dangerous property. The Municipality has issued orders to homeowners, which included transitioning the care and control of fencing to property owners as of Sept. 30, 2016.

Fencing your Property

Ahead of Oct. 31, 2016, property owners were required to install fencing around their own property (where a public safety hazard still existed) as the existing perimeter fencing that the Municipality installed will be removed. If a property has been backfilled and the site has been inspected to verify there are no hazards present, the fencing can be removed altogether.

Property owners were advised, through the issuance of a demolition order, of the requirement to ensure their damaged property was made safe by either installing fencing or by backfilling and having their site inspected to remove potential safety hazards. 

If a property has been backfilled and the site has been inspected to verify there are no hazards present, the fencing can be removed. Home owners may call the PULSE Line to schedule pick up of fencing that was installed by the Municipality.

Unsafe sites that continue to require fencing consist of, but are not limited to, the following hazards:

  • Open excavation
  • Fire debris
  • Contaminated soil
  • Open foundations
  • Depressions deeper that 24 inches
  • Substantial water accumulation

Fencing can be installed to contain an individual lot or a group of lots. Residents are encouraged to cost-share with their neighbours where multiple, adjacent lots require fencing.

Timelines & Costs

There are multiple fencing suppliers available to supply the fencing. Large orders of fencing require four weeks’ notice to the supplier to ensure the adequate fencing is available.

An average fencing rental is about $150 a month for 300 feet of fence. The cost could be reduced if owners worked together to fence off damaged rows of properties as opposed to individual lots. Average fencing purchase costs are about $2,200-$3,000 for 300 feet of fence.

There are additional costs for shipping and setting up of the fence. Fencing installed by the Regional Municipality on behalf of the owners who did not comply with the order will be purchased with all associated costs and expenses charged to the tax roll.

More Information

For additional questions, call the PULSE Line.