Response Recommendations

Enhance Use of the Incident Command System during Response to support implementation of appropriate emergency management protocols

The Incident Command System should be more actively used during response to ensure that the Regional Emergency Operations Centre and emergency management partners can achieve Unified Command (when needed) to promote common situational awareness, a common operating picture and common operating plans. Positions within the Regional Emergency Operations Centre, based on the model of an Incident Command System, should be clearly assigned to municipal staff. Each position should be assigned to a primary designate, as well as two or three backup individuals to allow for appropriate relief and replacement.

Enhance the RMWB Evacuation Plan

The RMWB should enhance its existing Evacuation Plan to include pre-planning considerations, be reflective of all communities, include a more robust decision matrix, triggers for effective communication to the community, and scheduled testing. In alignment with the ICS Canada, the Regional Emergency Operations Centre should designate a role to focus specifically on monitoring the need for, and execution of, an evacuation. The Evacuation Plan should also anticipate the need for coordinated communications strategies between the RMWB and its emergency partners to allow critical information to be disseminated in a timely manner to the public.

Formalize the Pet Rescue Program

Based on the success of the Pet Rescue Program, formalize the program and incorporate activities into the emergency management plan. The program should include guidelines, a list of partner volunteer groups, and a communications plan. This will better position the program for rapid execution during an emergency and support continuous program improvement.