Utility Considerations

Whether you are rebuilding your home exactly as it stood before the fire or are making changes to the footprint, layout, or other element of your design there are important considerations regarding utility connections that must be taken into account.

Before you dig you should be contacting Alberta One Call at 1-800-242-3447 to ensure you know what’s below, regardless of whether you are rebuilding your home or planning additions, doing landscaping, or doing any other project on an existing property that will disturb the earth. To locate Shaw services call 1-866-DIG-SHAW (344-7429) or visit the Dig Shaw website.

Utility companies ATCO Gas, ATCO Electric, Shaw and Telus are installing their services the same way they were before the fire.

Like-for-Like Rebuilds

If the new home you are building has no changes from the previous design you or your builder will be responsible for connecting the service trench from your home to the property line to connect with the tie-in point for utility services.

Should you wish to install your driveway before your utilities have been connected, you are encouraged to contact your utility company.

Telus: 3100218@telus.com (include the full civic address in subject line)
ATCO Gas: 780-799-7940
ATCO Electric: 780-799-8703
Shaw: 1-888-472-2222

Rebuilds with Changes

You must contact your utility provider if you have made changes to any of the following elements of your home’s design:

  • size
  • orientation
  • footprint
  • layout
  • electrical panel and meter location
  • mechanical room
  • garage location
  • driveway configuration

These changes may result in additional construction costs to reconnect your services to your home because the utility company may have to move the location of the tie-in connection site.

Telus: 3100218@telus.com (include the full civic address in the subject line)
ATCO Gas: 780-799-7940
ATCO Electric: 780-799-8703
Shaw: 1-888-472-2222

Telus Distribution Upgrade

Due to the wildfire, Telus is upgrading all primary distribution services in the mainline trench which will service fiber-to-the-home. The impact of this upgrade to your property will be minimal if Telus is apprised of changes being made to the footprint of your home early enough.

If Telus has completed construction in the neighbourhood, you must contact the Telus BICS-New Market Operations 310-4DEV or email 4DEV@telus.com to process a relocation or new build. This will result in additional charges.

Winter Maintenance Subzones 1 & 2 are active Jan. 20 - 24.