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Repairing Partially Damaged Homes

If your home sustained significant damage and was assessed as not being safe to occupy, you must apply for your construction permits to make the necessary repairs.

Building Permits

A building permit must be obtained first before your contractor applies for the electrical, plumbing and gas permits.

Alberta New Home Warranty

An issued building permit grants permission to construct your project. If a home has sustained 75 percent damage and has to be rebuilt, an Alberta New Home Warranty is required on all rebuilt homes. This information is required to be submitted with the building permit application.

All home building companies coming to Wood Buffalo are required to have a business license and be registered with Alberta New Home Warranty. Learn more about businesses licensing in the region.


Building Permit turnaround times will vary depending on the complexity of the project and if all the required documentation has been submitted. Provided all the checklist items have been submitted, permits can be issued within five to 10 business days.

The electrical, plumbing and gas permits take approximately one day to issue. 

Checklists & Additional Safety Code Permitting Information

The Safety Codes section of this site has details on required checklists and additional safety codes permitting information, including fees.

Safety Codes Permitting Information

During construction, safety codes inspections are mandatory. These are must be requested by the permit holder or an authorized representative at certain intervals during construction.

It will take a minimum of two business days to schedule your inspection.

Under the Alberta Permitting Regulation, you are required to schedule these mandatory inspections.

There are various stages and types of inspections that have to be completed by specific Safety Codes Officers. Learn more about Inspection Scheduling to better understand the necessary steps to safely and lawfully complete your project.

When you have completed the construction of your home and all your inspections are finalized, noting that you are code compliant, you are ready to move into your home. Be sure to obtain the Permit Services Report for each permit obtained and retain all inspection reports for your records. The Permit Services Report identifies that the work has been completed in compliance with the Safety Codes Act.

Houses with Basement Water Damage

In certain circumstances, there were homes that sustained interior damage from water entering the home. Depending on the damage and scope of work, safety codes permits may be required for repairs. Building permits will be required if the structure itself or required life safety devices have been compromised.

If a plumbing, gas or electrical system has to be added to or altered, permits for those utilities will be required. Contact Safety Codes for additional information. All permits require inspections and work must not be covered prior to an inspection.

During construction, safety codes inspections are also mandatory.

Minor Fire Damages

If your property sustained damage by the wildfire and repairs are required, permits are not always required. If you are completing one of the following tasks, you do not need a permit:

  • Minor siding repairs
  • Building a new fence
  • Replacing windows
  • Replacing roofing
  • Replacing decks that are under 600 millimeters (24 inches) in height from grade

More Information

For questions, call the Safety Codes Branch at 780-743-7813 or email inspections@rmwb.ca.