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Curbside collection in Dickensfield moves to Thursday starting July 1

(Fort McMurray, AB – June 22, 2020) – On July 1, 2020, the curbside collection day for the neighbourhood of Dickensfield will be moved from Wednesday to Thursday.

Residents in Dickensfield will have their first Thursday collection on July 2, 2020.

This change will take effect for the following streets:

Becker Bay

Kennedy Bay

McConachie Crescent

Becker Crescent

Fullerton Drive

Oaks Crescent

Brintnell Road

Farrell Bay

Oaks Bay

Clenell Bay

Farrell Cove

Parmenter Crescent

Clenell Crescent

Farrell Crescent

Parmenter Bay

Cruickshank Bay

Kennedy Crescent

Torrie Crescent

Cruickshank Road

Leigh Crescent

Torrie Bay

Dickens Drive

Maclaren Crescent


Dickens Close

Maclaren Bay



The Municipality’s Solid Waste Services branch has been replacing its semi-automated collection fleet with 19 fully-automated collection trucks. The addition of these trucks has led to an increase in efficiencies within the curbside collection process and because of this, a change to the curbside collection schedule is needed to redistribute workload evenly throughout the week.

Curbside collection includes the pick-up of household waste, recycling and yard waste. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the recycling program is temporarily on hold until further notice. The Solid Waste Services branch is working on a plan for the resumption of this service. Please check rmwb.ca/garbage for updates.

At this time, residents are asked to combine waste and recyclables together in bags, and place inside of the black and light blue collection bins. Crews will pick up two bins of mixed garbage and recycling per week.

Crews will also be collecting one bin of yard waste per week. Residents are asked to place yard waste inside of the dark blue collection bin.

For more information on curbside collection, visit rmwb.ca/garbage. To find your curbside collection calendar online, go to rmwb.ca/calendar.  

For questions, please contact Pulse at 780-743-7000, toll-free at 1-800-973-9663 or online at rmwb.ca/Pulse. 



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