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Curbside collection returns to regular operation July 14

(Fort McMurray, AB – July 6, 2020) – Starting July 14, curbside collection in the Wood Buffalo Region will return to regular operations. This includes the regular collection of recycling materials.


Starting July 14, residents will be required to sort their materials into the appropriate collection bins. Household waste must be bagged and placed inside of the black bin. Paper and cardboard recycling must be placed inside of the light blue bin. Plastic and metal recycling must be placed inside of the dark blue bin.  Yard waste will now need to be placed inside of paper yard waste bags and set out to the curb for weekly collection.

Collection Calendar

Crews will return to the regular schedule of collecting two bins per week. During the week of July 14, crews will collect one bin of household waste (black bin) and one bin of plastic and metal recycling (dark blue bin). A maximum of four bags of yard waste will be collected per household each week.   

The online curbside collection calendar identifies what bins are to be set out each week. Find your calendar at rmwb.ca/calendar.


The correct spacing of curbside collection bins, when placed at the curb, plays a key role in the safe collection of household materials during COVID-19.

In June the Municipality announced the addition of 19 fully automated trucks to their collections fleet. While the Municipality had been making the transition to fully automated collection trucks prior to COVID-19, these trucks will help crews provide a more safe and efficient collection service. This is because the automated trucks significantly decrease touchpoint for collection crews, meaning they do not have to physically handle every collection bin.

For this fully automated system to work properly, it is important for residents to follow proper bin placement protocols. Collection bins must:

  • Be placed at the curb by 7:30 a.m. on the day of collection
  • Have the front of the bin facing the road
  • Be spaced 30 cm (1 foot) from other bins and 1 metre (3 feet) from vehicles

Following these steps will help ensure your bin is able to be automatically picked up by the automated trucks each week. Residents are also encouraged to disinfect the handles of their bins when setting them out to the curb, as there are some circumstances when bins will still need to be handled by crews.

For more information, contact PULSE at 780-743-7000, toll-free 1-800-973-9663 or online at rmwb.ca/pulse



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