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Downtown revitalization: Online survey closes September 30

(Fort McMurray, AB – Sept. 25, 2019) – The Municipality welcomes residents to participate in an online survey on downtown revitalization as the current public engagement phase draws to a close in the days ahead.

An online survey will be available at rmwb.ca/downtown until Monday, September 30. Over 1,200 surveys have been completed by engagement participants since it opened on June 20.

The Municipality also thanks residents and the volunteer community ambassadors that participated in the 24 downtown revitalization public engagement sessions held across the region since late June. These engagement sessions took place in addition to over 100 face-to-face meetings with stakeholders, community groups and individuals.

The information, ideas and feedback provided by the community is being used to help guide continued downtown revitalization initiatives and will be the foundation for the community’s vision for downtown revitalization in the months ahead. Further updates and engagement opportunities will be part of any next steps for downtown revitalization.

Residents are also encouraged to apply for two Council-appointed committees related to downtown revitalization: The Downtown Revitalization Advisory Committee and the Waterfront Advisory Committee. More information is available at rmwb.ca/boards. The deadline to apply for these committees is Friday, September 27.



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